About the Designer – Jesus Peiro

Jesus Peiro, founded in 1988, has a philosophy based on the demand for quality.

Price Range From £2300 to £3800


Why Jesus Peiro?

We love their signature silhouettes, sustainability and service. Their signature is architectural and designed with the fashion forward bride in mind. Sustainability is at the heart of what they do with some gowns created from recycled plastic bottles collected from the ocean. Their attention to detail and added value is second to none from the paper protection on a hem to the branded gown bag and acid free storage box provided with every dress.

About the Designer Jesus Peiro

Since its inception in 1988, Jesus Peiro has been devoted exclusively to dressing brides. Under a philosophy based on the demand for quality, all dresses are designed and manufactured entirely in Spain. Merche Sagarra their designer says:

“Women and the modern world they live in are my sources of inspiration. I love being able to create something useful and aesthetic.”


OUR BRIDES – Wearing their Jesus Peiro Dress

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