Your Experience as “A Pantiles Bride”

From saying “Yes” to your fiance to the cliched “Yes to the Dress” through to “I Do” we’ve got you covered.

From a “Wedding Dress Wobble” when you wish you’d gone classic rather than cutting edge contemporary we’ll hold your hand.

From agonising about the Jimmy Choos or the Manolo Blahniks we’ll be patient.

From weight loss tactics to family politics we’re here to listen and advise.

Here’s when and how we’ll be guiding, styling and advising you with timelines and top tips:

1. Finding “The Dress”

Top Tips: Start looking in the season you’re getting married (so 9 to 12 months before) and when you have your venue. Think carefully about who to bring with you and choose guests who really know you and can be objective and honest.

We excel in finding a fit between a bride’s vision, venue, vibe and, just as important, finding a fit that flatters her figure.

We’re flexible. We don’t limit you to a certain number of gowns that you can try on.

We work together. If you want a bespoke creation then we will make it happen.

We’re patient. If you need more time and another appointment then there’s no further charge.

We love it when you find your dress with us. As soon as you’ve paid a 50% deposit you’re then officially “A Pantiles Bride!” and it’s then ………

6979 by Stella York
7092 by Stella York

2. Measurements Time

This will be dependent on a number of factors such as lead time of your designer, is your gown made to measure and how bespoke it is. As a guide it is usually 8 months before your wedding.

We like to see you on a separate occasion from when you say “Yes to the Dress” to take measurements and discuss any details.

Many brides panic at the “M” word but remember at fittings the gown can be adjusted should measurements have changed.

Top Tip: Think of this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to have an outfit tailored to your figure.. Stop thinking size and start thinking fit.

3. Styling Time

Depending on when your gown arrives this may be at the first fitting or it may be a separate appointment so 2 to 4 months before the big day. This is one of our favourite times with you as it’s the chance for you to make the gown really yours. Ideally this is the time to make your final choice and if you have a family heirloom veil and/or your “something borrowed” please bring it/them in.

Top Tip: Think about whether you would have hair up or down as it can make a difference to the accessories you choose. If your diary allows make a day of it by having a hair and/or make up trial before your appointment.

7100 by Stella York
Stella York 7312

4. Fittings & Alterations

We offer a full, expert fitting service and you’ll be in the capable hands of Alexandra our manager who co-ordinates delivery of dresses, the fittings schedule and she will personally fit your gown. Two fittings are the norm with the first at 2 months with the final one 2 to 3 weeks before your wedding. These are on Wednesdays and Thursdays and last between 45 to 90 minutes.

If you would like to have something special and of sentimental value sewn into your gown bring it (and the tissues) at this stage as it’s often an emotional moment as a button, piece of jewellery or fabric is handed over. Think of your final fitting as the dress rehearsal. We will not only check the fit of the gown but will do “flight checks” ie sitting, walking, kneeling and a tutorial on bustle loops, corset lacing and how to get in and out of your dress for whoever is dressing you on the day. Top Tip: Remember your shoes at each fitting – between fittings isn’t the time to switch from the Jimmy Choos to the Manolo Blahniks. And choose your dresser carefully – nimble fingers for buttons & rouleaux loops and a calm aura are essential!

5. Collecting Your Dress

This is when it gets very real. Your dress is being handed over to you for your wedding day. This is usually the week of the wedding and we book a day in the diary but can be flexible on time as we know how hectic the run up to the day can be.

Your gown will have been steamed and lovingly prepped, tissue wrapped and covered in a full length breathable gown bag.

If you’re getting married abroad we will pack your gown in your hand luggage and give advice on how to get her pristine at the other end. We have sourced and can sell you a recommended bridal steamer.

Top Tip: Have the seats down in your car if you can and leave any four legged friends at home.

7100 by Stella York
Stella York 7312

6. After the Wedding

As well as sharing your photos with us (we never get fed up of seeing them) please hashtag us into your posts so we can showcase them on our social media.

We offer an after care package.

Top Tip: If you spill anything on your gown leave it alone!! You can do more damage trying to get it out – leave it to the experts and we can let you know who they are.

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