Suzanne Neville

Why Suzanne Neville?

We love Suzanne Neville’s flexibility, finish and fabrics. Her ability and willingness to bespoke her designs combined with our 22 years of working with her results in truly individual gowns. Neckline changes, swapping of skirts & fabrics, extra length & detachable trains are all possibilities for you to have your own unique gown on your wedding day.  Endlessly adaptable and with superb made to measure options makes Suzanne our favourite designer.

Her finish is second to none as each gown is made from beginning to end by the same seamstress and many of them have been with her since she started over 30 years ago. Her fabrics are unique in that they have been designed and commissioned by Suzanne. Neckline changes, swapping of skirts & fabrics, extra length & detachable trains are all possibilities for you to have your own unique gown on your wedding day.

About the Designer – Suzanne Neville

She graduated from the London School of Fashion in 1992 and is an “old school atelier/couturier” based in Harrow-on-the-Hill and to quote her:

“I use the same processes as when I started over 30 years ago ie all of my patterns are cut by hand with scissors, the time-honoured way, there are no shortcuts to the process of perfect fit”

Suzanne’s love of structure and pattern cutting has earned her the nickname ‘Corset Queen’ for her incredibly flattering silhouettes. She operates from a distinguished studio that stands as one of the few remaining British-made couture houses in the United Kingdom. Here, she leads a team of exceptionally skilled professionals, including pattern cutters, dressmakers, and hand finishers, who together breathe life into her ethereal visions. In this creative hub, quality is an unwavering hallmark, and it begins with the selection of the finest materials. Suzanne’s discerning eye leads her to source only the finest fabrics from renowned regions of excellence such as Italy, France, and Switzerland. These materials serve as the canvas upon which her team crafts exquisite couture creations, embodying a commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship and timeless beauty.

For Suzanne it’s all about creating the best possible shape for every figure which is a testament to her skill in creating stunning silhouettes. For Suzanne regardless of the client’s dress size.  It’s all about the fit that flatters – whatever the bride’s shape or size.

She is one of the leading wedding dress and evening wear designers in Europe today and has dressed many stars on their wedding day and at prestigious celebrity occasions. Suzanne Neville dresses have been worn by stars such as Darcy Bussell, Katherine Jenkins, Anna Friel, Holly Willoughby and Olympic gold medallist Victoria Pendleton. The Suzanne Neville brand continues its well-deserved success.

Whether you are looking for a slim fitting bias cut dress or a full and floaty romantic gown, you can be sure that your Suzanne Neville wedding dress will be nothing short of sensational.

Every dress in the Suzanne Neville collection is hand crafted in only the finest satins, silks, taffetas and organzas whilst delicate hand embroidery finishes the look perfectly. Beading and diamanté detail add interest and depth and structured bodices create a slimming silhouette whilst ensuring the utmost in comfort – essential when you are wearing your dress for hours during your special day.

Suzanne Neville wedding dresses are not just dresses. They are pure works of art and embody years gone by and contemporary styling, something only the most talented and creative designers can pull off. You cannot truly appreciate the intricate detail and romance of these fabulous collections without experiencing them for yourself.

These exquisite pieces will make you say “Yes” to elegance as well as “Yes” to the dress!

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